Students Celebrate and Learn Together at Friday Finale

DSC_9741 DSC_9795
At a joyous Friday Finale last week, we saw an excellent example of how our school community comes together. Jazmine Brown (6th grade), Jameel Emmanuel (8th grade), and Junior Fuentes (7th grade), came to the Friday Finale not only to perform for the lower school students, but to peer mentor them as well.
Before the assembly, the middle schoolers patiently worked with members of the brand-new Mingus Orchestra to show them some tips for holding their instruments, plucking, and using the bow.DSC_9732
We also had the pleasure of former Conservatory Lab student Jose Fuentes joining us to play for and peer mentor the younger students. Jose started studying the violin at Boston Arts Academy this year, but because of his schedule, he was able to join us last Friday. There may be more visits from Jose in the future!IMG_0104
After the gathering of students, families, and teachers, it was time for dismissal. Jasmine, Jameel, Junior, and Jose hung out in the parent pick-up room with a few teachers and the younger students, and after a while, an old-fashioned jam session broke out! It started with a demonstration from Ms. Meehan and 1st grader Kaelany Sanchez, but the older students were so excited to play music together after such a successful Friday Finale that they joined in seamlessly! It was truly in the style of our school to have students from different grade levels come together to play music for fun, with respect for each other’s craft.DSC_9819
We are so grateful for these rare opportunities when our upper and lower school students and teachers come together to celebrate music!