Students Gather for El Sistema Seminario

On Wednesday afternoon, Williams Hall at the New England Conservatory was filled with an unusual group of students and teachers. Seventy five elementary school aged musicians brought their instruments and their voices to the El Sistema Greater Boston Seminario, organized by the Sistema Fellows at NEC.  This was a day for different El Sistema programs to come together with 10 students each to play and sing. Eleven of our 2nd grade members of the Bernstein Orchestra from Conservatory Lab, joined students from El Sistema Somerville at the Edgerly School in East Somerville, the Josiah Quincy School Orchestra program in Chinatown, the Youth and Family Enrichment Services program from Hyde Park, the Bridge Boston Charter School from Dorchester, and high schoolers from the Margarida Muniz Academy in Jamaica Plain.
After an introductory song, the students divided into small groups to meet and greet.  Then they learned a call and response song/clap/stomp, sometimes called eurythmics.  They all learned a song from the West Indies, “The Brown Girl in the Ring” and then learned simple parts so they could play along as the high schoolers sang.  The afternoon ended with another eurythmics piece. This was part of a two-day event to bring local El Sistema programs together to discuss current and future collaborations.  We look forward to hearing more!