Teaching Through Performance

A great performance takes us somewhere unexpected. It breaks down a barrier between what is and what could be. Whether it startles us awake or lulls us into serenity, great art has the power to move us.


One of the skills our students practice in orchestra is the mental discipline to calm the mind and be present in the music. By cultivating this kind of focus, they can create art that moves an audience from one mood to the next. They can express the confidence and energy of hip-hop, the triumphant pomp of a Brahms finale, or the quiet tenderness of a Canyon Sunset.


As I listened to the first grade students speaking in the voices of American leaders during their performance last week, I was struck by their poise and confidence. Having composed and memorized their lines, they spoke with an understanding beyond their years. They created a space where we could experience their art and be moved by it.


The skills of performance empower a child. Confidence, awareness, and the ability to connect with an audience make a performer’s work engaging and moving. Off stage, the same skills give a child a voice to present themselves courageously to the world, advocate for themselves and their ideas, and create beauty throughout their lives.



Diana Lam

Diana Lam

Head of School