The First Annual Climate Summit at Conservatory Lab

The 5th graders took on the roles of real-life scientists and activists working on issues related to climate change. They hailed from the Great Barrier Reef, Maldives, Gulf of Mexico, Kenya, Bangladesh, the Arctic, and the Midwest. They came as teams of ambassadors, with their unique perspectives and knowledge, to answer the question: How are our regions affected by global climate change?


How did they become expert ambassadors? Over the last two months of their expedition, Heating Up, Chilling Out, students researched their ambassador and his or her work and their region and its climate change issues. They conducted experiments to investigate science concepts related to the issues of climate change in their region. They created diagrams to help understand concepts, and graphs and maps to help analyze and interpret data. Teams inspired each other as they made creative skits and cartoons to teach the science concepts at work in their region. All the hard work paid off! The depth and complexity of their understanding stood out in the way they thoughtfully and passionately presented their findings and questioned one another.


climate summit


We could feel that the answer to our Earth’s climate change problem is found in interconnection. We could feel the power of people connecting to understand each other’s unique yet interconnected experiences. As they reflected on the presentations, students imagined the Earth as “one”- an Earth whose regions and climate are intricately connected.


And so, the new year will find the 5th grade continuing our exploration of the questions: How can our world adapt to a changing climate? How can we work on climate change solutions?