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Video of a large ensemble playing music.

The Conservatory Lab Foundation is a nonprofit organization that acts in service to Conservatory Lab Charter School. Its mission is to ensure sufficient resources for Conservatory Lab Charter School’s sustainability and expansion so more students can learn from and with an arts-infused, inquiry driven curriculum in safe and supportive schools.

Your generosity is essential to the scholars, artists, and leaders at Conservatory Lab. This year, Conservatory Lab Charter School was able to invest $1 million each to prioritize the El Sistema Music program and services that promote equitable access to a standards-based education that includes all students and supports their social and emotional wellness during the pandemic.   Those big numbers represent our school’s strategic priorities, but they are made of many small investments in everyday needs that make it possible for every student to take ownership of their learning and succeed.     

Here are some of the impacts your gift had during 2020: 

To learn more about how students learn through music and inquiry driven curriculum, visit the Conservatory Lab Charter School website. And to learn more about Conservatory Lab Foundation, click here.

The Conservatory Lab Foundation also supports efforts to share the work of Conservatory Lab Charter School with the intention of expanding our network and resources to create similar models within the greater Boston area, across the United States, and around the globe. 

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More About the Conservatory Lab Foundation:

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