Make Move and Jam Clubs

We are excited to announce the launch of our first ever clubs program after school starting this fall. Thanks to our new schedule, over the next 24 months Conservatory Lab is rolling out an innovative interdisciplinary program that will offer robust arts and academic enrichment opportunities to students and their families.  

Starting at the end of October 2021, students can explore contemporary culture with their bodies and minds in our Dance Club, or connect to our neighborhood through fieldwork and filmmaking in our Media Arts Club.


with things like visual arts, technology, and engineering. 


with dance, karate, and athletics.


with music, poetry, games, and drama. 

The Clubs program, called Make, Move, and Jam will combine academic content with rich learning opportunities in the arts. Conservatory Lab students who participate will:

Clubs will be grounded in our CREW qualities to create a safe and supportive learning environment. Programming will be aligned to high level National Art Education (NAEA) standards  (Create, Respond, Present, and Connect) and the framework for positive youth development built by the National Partnership for Creative Youth Development (Create, Catalyze, and Connect). 

Quick Facts:

  • Hours: 2:45PM to 4:45PM one or two days a week
  • Students may sign up for ONE club
    • Monday and Thursday Upper School Media Arts (Subject: Our Neighborhood)
    • Wednesday Lower School Dance (Subject: Storytelling through Dance)
  • Sign up will be first come, first served
  • Applications due (via ParentSquare) by October 17, 2021
    • Accepted families will receive an invoice and other documents with their welcome letter.
    • Checks can be made payable to Conservatory Lab Charter School.
  • More clubs are in development for the Winter and Spring Seasons.
  • For the 2021-2022 School Year, participants in the YMCA After School Program will not be eligible for clubs. We are prioritizing developing strong arts and academic enrichment programs within the YMCA program so that families who need childcare will have access to fun and engaging content.

Clubs Options Starting October 25:

Application and Permission slip now available on Parent Square!

Lower School Dance

Subject: Storytelling through Dance
  • Grades: K2, 1, 2
  • Pick up will be at 4:45PM at the Lower School
  • Students will be allowed to change into comfortable Clothes
  • There will be a video performance for families
  • Cost: $20
  • Mentors: Ms. Brown

Get ready to explore culture and CREW through stories, dance, and visual arts. Students will read stories and explore dance forms to create characters inspired by fables. As they build out their characters– inspired by animals in the fables– students will work in small groups to create chapters of a story, draw costume designs, make masks, and play with music. Teachers will work with students to connect the chapters and create a final performance.

On the last day of program students will put on their costumes, and run the whole show for a video taped performance that will be shared with families.

Malikah Brown serves as the Operations Manager at the Lower School where she greets every family with warmth. She is a native of Boston, even serving for a time as a professional Cheerleader for the Boston Celtics and Patriots. She studied dance with the Boston Ballet, Roxbury Center for the Performing Arts, Phunk Phenomenon Dance Company and numerous choreographers. She has trained and performed in Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop dance styles and looks forward to sharing her joy for dance with our students.

Bianca Vonleh serves as a Kindergarten teacher at Conservatory Lab. This is her third year working in our community. Bianca is a native of Boston and has been dancing since the age of 6. Her dance background consists of Modern, Jazz, Tap and African Dance. Bianca danced on the dance team during her undergrad and is a former dance director. She is looking forward to this new program and creating a space for students to learn and express themselves through movement.

Upper School Media Arts

Subject: Where am I going?
  • Grades: 3-8
  • Pick up will sometimes be at a fieldwork site at 4:45 PM
  • Students will be allowed to use their phones or devices to take photos and videos
  • Students will participate in walking field work near the school
  • Students may publish photos and videos to CLCS and Clubs
  • Cost: $30
  • Mentors: Mr. Santiago, Mr. Johnson

Participants explore the question, “Where am I going?” by looking closely at where we are: Uphams Corner. Each week participants will pursue arts-based fieldwork at locations within walking distance of the school. Structured field trips will include walks to the Strand, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, and the site of the future Uphams Corner Library.  Students will photograph murals, meet community leaders, and learn about where our neighborhood is going. 

As participants create videos, they will view works of art, video, and photography selected by Club Mentors Colgan Johnson and José Santiago. As they create students will learn a design practice using storyboards to turn writing and photography into strong stories about themselves, our neighbors, and how all of us together make our neighborhood so special. 

A video of children in teal shirts getting on the bus at the end of the day
Left: A walk down Trull Street from the Upper School to the Lower School, Right: Students at the Upper School getting on the bus.

In addition to serving as the Building Sub for the Upper School, Colgan Johnson is a talented photographer and storyteller who uses his art to showcase the wonderful things about his native Dorchester.

José Santiago, Conservatory Lab’s Art Teacher is a working artist with a multi-disciplinary practice. He brings a host of knowledge about how to shape ideas into inspiring images, music that makes you think, and even clothing design.

Clubs: FAQ

  1. What are the Make Move and Jam clubs?

Interdisciplinary arts-based activities that encourage participants to develop creative strategies, concrete skills, and to make connections to the world around us. 

  1. Who can participate in the Make Move and Jam clubs?

Any participant who is not already enrolled in the YMCA Clubs may sign up for ONE club. Conservatory Lab will be providing push-in support to the YMCA to ensure that participants have access to engaging arts-driven activities, but at this time the two programs are running separately.  

  1. How will the participants be selected for the Make Move Jam Clubs?

Sign-up will be first come first served, and participants will be added to the waiting list. If interest is strong, participants on the waiting list for Fall will be added to Winter or Spring if the club is scheduled to run another time.  

  1. What hours will the programs run?  What if I’m running late?

The Make Move Jam clubs run until 4:45PM. It will be $1 per child, per minute for late pickup. There will be no program Tuesday or Friday at this time.  

  1. Where will the program take place?

At the building where your participant attends CLCS with some walking field trips to explore our neighborhood.  

  1. Will my child need special equipment or materials?

Most materials will be provided.

  1. How much does it cost?

The Make Move Jam clubs will meet one or two times a week and cost $20-30 per Season. Seasons start in October, January, and April. Session one will run 5 weeks and the other two will run 8 weeks.  

  1. What if my child’s sibling is in the other building?

As with all extracurricular activities, it is your responsibility to provide transportation for your children. As we build capacity we do hope to have parallel programs at both buildings at the same time but in the pilot phase we are staggering buildings to ensure that participants are receiving the highest quality program possible.  

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