Working At Conservatory Lab

At Conservatory Lab Charter School, we inspire educators who want to teach differently. CLCS academic and music teachers collaborate to lead project based learning that connects to our local community. You’ll be challenged to push the limits of what you currently know. 

  • You might lead a poetry slam at a library, a concert in the park, or lead students to do fieldwork testing water quality. 
  • As a teacher at Conservatory Lab, you will have the opportunity to create interesting curriculum that connects to the real world. 
  • By owning what you teach, you will also inspire students to take ownership of their learning!

Become a part of our growing community, have a direct impact on students, and take advantage of a unique opportunity to reshape your way of thinking, working, and living.

Why work for Conservatory Lab? 

  • Conservatory Lab Charter School believes in the power of music and learning to transform the lives of students and their families
  • Combining El Sistema and EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) creates a culture and habit of perseverance to motivate and nurture our students allowing them to become dedicated scholars and compassionate leaders.
  • As a laboratory school, we develop and disseminate innovative educational approaches that will positively impact children in other schools and programs.
  • We value those who are dedicated to our mission our students and those who strive to make CLCS a better place

For more information about how we work, check out this page about our Teaching Philosophy.

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