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As the work on developing a permanent home for the school increases in its intensity, we are moving forward on a couple of fronts to broaden family and staff input and communications on this issue. With the help of parent/guardian volunteers, a new avenue for this purpose has been established.

Family Facilities Advisory
In an open meeting format so that all interested families can participate, we will hold regular monthly conference calls to ask and answer questions, and to present the latest information on the CLCS Board’s work to develop a new school building. As needed, these calls can be turned into in-person meetings. The conference call schedule for next school year is*:
July 25th  (Tuesday)
September 19th  (Tuesday)
October 28th  (Saturday)
November 14th  (Tuesday)
January 23rd  (Tuesday)
February 27th  (Tuesday)
March 20th  (Tuesday)
May 1st  (Tuesday)
June 12th  (Tuesday)
*All calls will take place at 8:00am. All interested families can join the call by calling 515-603-3193 and using the access code 862279#. Please make sure to announce yourself when joining the call. 
A core group of family representatives have volunteered to participate including Brad Mahoney, Jessie Boatright, Keree Simmons, Jose Lopez and Seth Kirshenbaum. We welcome other parents/guardians to join.
If you have any questions, please contact one of these volunteer family representatives or Gary Gut (Conservatory Lab Board Chair) and Linda Nathan (Executive Director, Center for Artistry and Scholarship) at

Our admissions cycle has begun! For more information, including how to get the application, tour dates, and more, visit our Admissions page.

For information on buses running late, please contact Boston Public Schools Transportation at 617-635-9520.

Procedure for Parent Pick-Up
2120 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester MA 02124

Please Note: Any changes to a child’s dismissal plan must be made before 12 pm same day by emailing:

  • Early dismissal must occur before 3:30 pm.
  • If you are picking your child up in the afternoon, you must park on Dorchester Ave. or in the first parking lot at Carney Hospital. Parking is free for 1 hour. You do not need to validate your ticket, but you will need it to exit.

  • Proceed to the first stairwell on your left where a staff member will be waiting outside to allow you access to the parent pick-up room.

Please Note: Parent Pick-Ups will not happen from the main entrance.

  • Please continue 1 flight up to the B floor, room B3 where parent pick-ups will be held.

  • You must make sure that your child has been signed- out by the staff member in parent pick-up.

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Lower School
Office of Student Support: 617-208-6200 x214
Nurse: 617-208-6200 x209

Upper School
Office of Student Support: 617-254-8904 x143
Nurse: 617-254-8904 (this is the front desk; ask for the nurse)