7th Grade Returns to the Cove

Written by Ms. Schibuk

This Thursday the 7th grade returned to Savin Hill Cove for the third time as a part of their ongoing Marine Science expedition.  After becoming familiar with the environment, we have started to dig deeper into water chemistry, ecosystem health, and urban pollution.  Students have now conducted two rounds of water quality experiments, testing seven different metrics of water quality and marine ecosystem health, at two different locations in the cove.  So far we have noticed that the presence of Coliform bacteria and high levels of nitrate, a common ingredient in fertilizer and manure, are the most pressing concerns.  Our next steps will be to investigate different environmental engineering solutions to help remedy the cove.  We will eventually be working to craft a short series of documentary films about the pollution that has been affecting the cove as well as our hopes and vision for a better and healthier Savin Hill Cove.

DSC_5603 DSC_5618 DSC_5632