A Beautiful Day at Savin Hill Cove

On Thursday, 7th graders and their teachers put on their rain boots and trekked out to their research site of Savin Hill Cove to discover all they could about this nearby rich, natural habitat. After a 20 minute walk through the Savin Hill neighborhood, they were met by our host scientist, Dr. Anne Marie Frankic. For the first portion of the trip she led us around and introduced us to her work in the Cove.  (Here is a video of our guest scientist talking about her work at Savin Hill, if you would like to learn more!)  Students took notes on what she shared in their Fieldwork Journals.  Next, each group of four students went to their own spot to sit and study their environment.  They made some drawings and wrote their observations in their journal. Most of the class was tentative at first but by the end of the hour, they were tromping around in the mud and picking out all different sorts of oysters and sea weed. This is the first of two or three trips the 7th grade will make to Savin Hill Cove.

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