A Day in the Life of K1

Greetings new families!

We are so excited to have you and your child join us at the Conservatory Lab! Here is a ‘day in the life’ of a K1 student!

We begin the day with arrival happening between 9:15 and 9:30. Students are greeted by multiple adults on their way to class, where they have the option to eat breakfast with their classmates or just settle into the day if they already ate at home. 


After breakfast/arrival, our teachers lead a morning “crew” meeting (this comes from one of our mottos, that ‘we are crew, not passengers’), to build and strengthen a sense of community within the classroom, and start each day in a predictable manner. 

Between this time and lunch, students will engage in a variety of learning activities, which include a 45-minute music class every day, as well as some academic instruction, which comes in the form of read-alouds, centers-based learning, and developmentally appropriate skills practice. The morning is when our teachers will conduct most of their lessons that require time together as a whole group, as this is when students at this age are typically able to attend to a lesson to the best of their ability.

In the middle of the day, students go outside for a 30 minute recess period on our playground, with the other two K1 classes, where they are encouraged to engage in active and social play with their classmates, and get some fresh air! After coming inside, students eat lunch in their classrooms, where they get a chance to calm down after recess and continue to interact with their peers, developing their social skills. 

In the afternoon, students have a 1-hour nap, as well as more learning opportunities. The afternoon typically features a significant amount of centers-based learning, where students play in small groups, engaging in activities that support learning objectives and also provide students with authentic social experiences, such as turn-taking and pretend play. 

As we approach 4:15, students are gathered for a closing crew meeting, and prepare to dismiss for the day, often going home tired and ready to tell all about what they learned at school that day!

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