Bringing Learning Home

As Conservatory Lab Charter School closed its doors to prevent the spread of COVID-19, families opened up their homes and embraced the possibilities of remote learning or as we like to say “bringing learning home”.

With the support of teachers, families, and technology, students are continuing to fuel their imaginations and nurture their inner scholar. Here are a few ways our students have brought learning home:


The students pictured above participated in our virtual #CLCSSpirit campaign on Friday, April 3 by showing off their skills for #CLCSreads.

A student created this visual collage as their interpretation of the cyclops in their class study of The Odyssey. Although our students are staying safe at home, they continue to dive deep into geography and culture studies.

To keep students’ curiosity growing and thirst for learning going, Conservatory Lab Charter School teachers and school leaders offer new content each day and continue to compile additional online learning resources for families. The students pictured above eagerly participate in virtual learning experiences and explore enriching materials that help them explore the world around them.

Amber Walsh, our 5th Grade Humanities Teacher, reads chapters of Promises to Keep: How Jackie Robinson Changed America, by Sharon Robinson, to her students.

When our students aren’t learning, they even give private concerts!

Join us on our “bring learning home” journey by exploring these  educational resources: