A Letter from Principal Bradeen

I hope everyone is enjoying the brisk and sunny days.  The school celebrated a great first week back after break and I wanted to update you on some of the highlights!At the primary school, students had opportunities to positively depict themselves through painting and words. They will continue this conversation about identity, exploring ways in which they are proud of themselves.

In 3rd grade students started working towards Fun Fridays and Scholar Dollars for their dedication to the classroom.

In a 5th grade class, students earned dress down day for terrific engagement and effort throughout the week.In middle school, students have been experimenting with science and technology through working with hands-on circuits and engineering projects.
Also middle school students continued to widen the scope of their vocabulary while learning how to express their feelings through their writing about the novels To Kill a Mocking Bird and Red Scarf Girl, which they are reading.

Many teachers participated in professional development surrounding behavior management and de-escalation techniques as well as some community-building activities. We were excited to see the strategies learned in action as teachers were able to reflect on how to help students self-regulate and strategize before things escalated. Many of us are also having conversations with groups of students about the ways we treat one another even when an adult is not present. What does it mean to show friendship and how do we respond appropriately to people even when we do not like what they have to say. In our fast-paced world, we also need to remember to teach students how to slow-down and appreciate the moment,whether they are rushing through the hallways or racing to finish their meals and homework. Please join us in these efforts.
We will continue to share some highlights through the coming months and appreciate any questions or thoughts you might have.
Happy March!
With Appreciation,