A Lively BRA Meeting

The Dudamel Brass opened the meeting by playing a few numbers from their new repertoire

This Tuesday, members of the Conservatory Lab community arrived in droves to the public BRA meeting at the Shelburne Community Center. Parents, family members, teachers, and faculty showed a tremendous amount of support for our school’s case to build our new school facility in Bartlett Yard. DSC_3621
After a comprehensive presentation from Gary Gut, Jonathan Garland, Diana Lam, and  about why our school is a good fit for Bartlett Yard, many members of our community engaged with members of the Dudley and Roxbury communities in a lively and emotional forum.DSC_3612
We are proud that our parents and faculty represented our school so well in their eloquent and thoughtful comments about our school, and we’re grateful that the Shelburne center allowed our meeting to go on for an extra half hour after the center closed!