Bus Route Driver Re-Assignment Information

Due to the Driver Re-bid, the driver assignments for four buses at the Dorchester campus have changed. The new bus driver assignments will begin on March 21st. Please carefully review the following information, and read the letter from the BPS Director of Transportation below:
1. The following buses at the Dorchester Campus are affected:  B343 (Teal), B344 (Brown), B353 (Yellow), and B469 (Purple).
2. All drivers will have done a “dry-run” prior to March 21st.
3. Routes, monitor assignments, and schedule times are not changing.
4. BPS has scheduled a call to notify families impacted by the driver change.
5. If one of the buses with a new driver is late, we been asked to wait 15mins before calling the hotline.Driver Re-bid letter to parents FINAL (1)