From Groundbreaking to New Building

After moving five times over the past 20 years, Conservatory Lab is overjoyed at the opening of our permanent home at 395 Columbia Road. The new 44,000 square foot building was designed by Arrowstreet, a Boston-based architectural firm, and constructed by Boston-based general contractor Commodore Builders. 

Faculty and staff are eager to welcome students to this beautiful space with its soaring ceilings and sun-filled classrooms, and play area next to the student entrance, allowing students a chance to finally be able to play outside. 

In addition to classrooms for our students in grades 3-8, this custom-built facility includes a media center, offices, and performance spaces. During lunch, students will be able to eat in a cafeteria with a dedicated serving area and play indoors during inclement weather at an attached gymnasium.  

Two STEAM labs provide space for students to explore science and technology like never before. Every classroom in the building boasts computers and equipment that enable teachers to simultaneously teach and broadcast their lessons as they keep students and families safe during remote and hybrid learning. School leaders plan to use this distance learning capability in future years to offer out of school support and enrichment so that every student artist, scholar, and leader at Conservatory Lab can thrive.

A classroom at the corner of Columbia and Quincy, streaming with sunshine.

The STEAM labs open up on to a learning hub where students can present and share their work.

Announced in the spring of 2019, and celebrated by a triumphant groundbreaking ceremony, Conservatory Lab’s new building at 395 Columbia Road is a part of Conservatory Lab’s vision for improved accessibility and learning spaces that keep students at the center of their own learning. As students and their families face the impacts of  COVID-19 and the high visibility of racial injustice, this new facility is key to providing a space that allows our teachers and students to reimagine learning and use what they gain in the classroom to transform their own communities. 

Join us in sustaining our mission to ensure sufficient educational resources for students at Conservatory Lab Charter School here.