Healthy Eating Makes Healthy Bodies

Given the long day and rigorous schedule that our students have, they need to replenish their strength with the right food. Here is a list of items that are nutrient-rich, easy to access and yummy, to be included for lunch and snacks.

  • Fruit, especially that which is in season, which is when it is tastiest and most plentiful – at this time that includes grapes, pears, apples and mandarin oranges
  • Low-fat cheese, of the string variety or in small bite-size chunks
  • Popcorn, without the butter
  • Celery sticks with cream cheese
  • Baby carrots

The trick is to stay away from the ever present chips, cookies and sodas which have no nutritional value and pile on the pounds with all the sugar and preservatives they carry. Building good habits for healthy eating is an everyday thing!
cheese-new fruits-for-kids popcorn-kidss