K1 Launches “Portrait of an Artist” Expedition


K1 has jumped into their study of art and artists with the official launch their expedition, “Portrait of an Artist.” On Monday, Mr. Henri Matisse visited K1’s classroom.

Matisse was a famous and skilled French artist, known for his use of color and shape in his paintings and cutouts. He (played by David Cordes) told K1 all about his job as an artist and the materials and tools he uses, and showed them some of his paintings. Matisse’s visit inspired K1 to think about art and what artists do. It made the inquisitive K1 students wonder, how do artists make different shapes? How do artists know what to paint? What tools do artists use to make different textures in their work? Over the next few months, K1 will explore these questions while they learn how to make and paint with colors, as well as make connections between art and music. Soon, they will make their own self-portraits!

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