Musicians Celebrate Their Engineering Achievements

Last week in Ms. Schibuk’s class, 7th and 8th grade students designed, built, and programmed visual metronomes that would blink an LED light at a specific frequency to match the tempo of a piece of music they would then perform.  This past Monday, students put their metronomes to the test!  The elementary orchestras came to watch the Middle School musicians and engineers perform music, in time, with the metronomes that they built.  The playlist was wide and varied, as students performed everything from Lean on Me, to the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Ms. Schibuk’s class is now moving into the final stages of their computer science unit.  This week, they also built motion sensors and sound sensors as they learned to program their Arduinos and lights to blink in response to various environmental stimuli.  DSC_4297DSC_4249DSC_4280DSC_4288DSC_4254