Snake Expert Wows 2nd Grade

Our 2nd graders are in the midst of their expedition, “Don’t Be Scared: The Truth About Snakes,” and are deeply engaged in learning about our favorite fascinating reptiles. For their first case study, the students are investigating what makes a snake a snake and what distinguishes it from other reptiles. They’re becoming experts on one type of snake–the corn snake–through direct observation of a pet corn snake in their classrooms.
This Thursday, Joy Marzolf, our trusted snake expert from the Audobon’s Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick, visited the 2nd graders. She brought with her a lizard and several types of snakes. Students learned about the special features of each type of snake and how to touch and to hold snakes without scaring them.
Some students were surprised to learn that snakes are much more scared of us than we are of them!  It was a brave day for many students who  conquered fears and held a snake for the very first timeDSC_3975

Joy Marzolf reported that of all the many classrooms she visits around the state, Conservatory Lab’s 2nd grade classrooms are her very favorite because of students’ engagement, focus, and enthusiasm.