Student Council Heads Into Action!

The CLCS Middle School Student Council had their first meeting today! Elections were held last week, and 6 students were elected from the sixth and seventh grades. The group is comprised of Omar Sanchez (6A), Bianca Charlemagne-Watkins (6A), Rainy Toribio-Rosario (6B), Jazmine Brown (6B), Geeta Rekha (7), and Nia Skeete (7). Ms. Moorman serves as the faculty advisor. The goal of the student council is to improve student culture in the middle school, to provide a forum for student voices to be heard, and to build students’ leadership skills . At their inaugural meeting, the students discussed ideas that they want to put into action this school year. The group is interested in developing ways to address bullying, decorating the middle school hallways, and forming student clubs. They also have some great ideas about events to put on later this year, and we are looking forward to sharing more updates!