Thanks to Conservatory Lab’s Family CREW!

On Saturday, September 28, 2019, generous Conservatory Lab families worked with staff and local landscape designer Joan Yogg to create a Pollinator Pathway at the Lower School. The morning started with just a pathway and patch of dirt. During the day, students carefully placed each plant to create a colorful, fragrant wonderland to attract pollinators.

Digging the perfect hole so that plants can thrive is a process with several steps. First, families removed old soil and put it on a blue tarp. Then, they replaced the rocky old soil with fresh soil mixed with compost to give new nutrients to plants. Lastly, families placed mulch to prevent weeds from taking over the garden, carefully leaving a ring around the base of each plant so the roots can breathe.

Meanwhile, other families and students worked to sort out big stones from the old soil and used them to create a new path leading to the enormous white Butterfly Rock. It is called that because it has a v-shaped formation that will collect water for butterflies and other pollinators to drink after it rains.  One student shared some precious beach stones from their own collection to create a colorful border around the Butterfly Rock.

Next to the garden, students worked independently to create a trellis with sticks, vines, and string.  In the spring we will plant seeds for honeysuckle, sweet pea, or other climbing flowers and watch them climb up the trellis.

Our schoolyard is now another place of learning for our students. Children will be able to observe the cycle of plants and watch as each pollinator chooses the plants that they support. Student helpers will check on and water the garden, and plant bulbs with their classes later this fall. Families will be invited for other work-days, so if you missed out this time, stay tuned for the next opportunity.

Thank you to our wonderful Conservatory Lab CREW who made the Pollinator Pathway a reality!