The First Day of School

Monday was our 1st day of school and also opening day at the new lower school building at 133 Hancock St. Both upper and lower school are in Dorchester now, just 2.5 miles from each other! This year a total of 11 new teachers, 3 of which specialize in Special Education, have been hired.

The landscaping at the Hancock Street building is underway.  Security cameras and fencing have been installed. The playground installation is scheduled to begin the week of August 29th.

Teachers and students were busy getting to know each other and learning the daily routines and protocols, which are an important first step in setting a strong culture from the start. School behavior protocols such as learning how to walk on one side of the hallway were practiced by our 1st graders on a school tour. Other classes learned how to sit attentively in a group to set the goals for the day, lunch routines, getting to music class and generally practicing being responsible and cooperative.

first week 2 first week 5 K-1 1st day K1 - Ms. Meehan Lower School Guided Line Up - Day 1