WBUR features Conservatory Lab

Over Winter break, news of the incredible learning taking place at Conservatory Lab hit the airwaves of the Boston public radio station, WBUR. Renowned journalist and radio host, Christopher Lydon, is returning to host a new series on WBUR and selected our innovative school as the subject of his very first show!

In studio with Mr. Lydon were Larry Scripp— education and development specialist at the New England Conservatory and co-founder of Conservatory Lab, Howard Gardner— professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and developmental psychologist known for his ‘theory of multiple intelligences,’ as well as our own El Sistema co-director and resident artist, Kat Jara. Each of the guests had their own distinct perspective on the multifaceted topic of music education, which made for an exceptionally engaging discussion!

To listen to the full broadcast, please visit Radio Open Source’s website. There you will also find a beautiful video about El Sistema at our school. “Open Source with Christopher Lydon” airs on Thursdays between 9 and 10pm on 90.9 WBUR-FM.