2nd All-School Assembly of the Year!

Brass Feb AssemblyLast Friday, the halls of Conservatory Lab once again rumbled with foot traffic as students, families, and friends filed into St. Columbkille’s gym for our second all-school assembly of the year. While Conservatory Lab assemblies always include elements of performance, this one was especially festive. With a total of 10 performances, the event felt more like a lively concert than a school assembly!

K1 Assembly Feb

Our K1 students and Ms. Becca Mason kicked it off with an original song, followed by the Bernstein Orchestra’s first assembly appearance of the year led by El Sistema Co-Director and Resident Artist, Kat Jara. Following the classical orchestral stylings of Bernstein, the assembly took an interesting turn into the realm of pop and dance, including a thrilling break dance demonstration by Ezekiel Fanfan and Ideal Lobo-Mason, a beautiful solo vocal cover of Bruno Mars by Arianna Rodriguez, as well as a cover of Alicia Key’s “Girl on Fire” sung by members of Ms. Cate’s 5th grade class. The artistry and technical execution of these performances showed evidence of excellent focus and thorough rehearsal— two things that our students work very hard at here at Conservatory Lab— and it’s exciting to see students applying these skills to other genres of art!

Girls Feb AssemblyAll-school assemblies are events to cherish, especially this year given our school’s two buildings. They are the times when all students and staff from both the Lower School and Upper School are united under a single roof. They remind us that despite our two locations, we are still one family.