Expedition Launch: Diversity Makes Us Stronger

For the first time, we have students in two classrooms working on the same Expedition. Second graders in both classrooms set out on Mission: Possible and were able to “crack the code”. In this first Expedition of their year, students will explore the meaning of the phrase on our national seal: “E pluribus unum” (“Out of many, one,”) as they investigate how diversity makes both their classroom community and the city of Boston stronger.


In an introductory case study, students share their families’ unique heritages and understand that our school is made up of all kinds of people from diverse racial, religious and ethnic heritages. Students also explore their individual and collective rights and responsibilities as citizens of the school and dig deeper into the school’s core values: responsibility, cooperation, empathy, perseverance, and reflection.

Second graders started with a mission to crack the code using the letters in their name to come up with a number that would bring them to the next clue. They then had to work in groups to use math to find the next clue and so on until they discovered the name of their Expedition. Their work together gave them an opportunity to see first hand the strength that comes from cooperation and perseverance.