Donation Drives in the Middle School

As the Coordinator of Student Culture, Mr. Garcia’s priority promote and educate the students and their family on ways to be more positive contributors to our community.

To that end, he is beginning to orchestrate a series of middle school, potentially school-wide, community service donation drives.  These service projects provide an excellent opportunity to teach the students the value of generosity and helping others.  Additionally, serving others relates to Conservatory Lab’s Mission and CREW qualities. 

The first of these drives is going to be a New Sock Drive!  All of the 6th, 7th & 8th graders will participate and the socks will be collected in bins stationed in each of the classrooms for these grades. At the end of each week the socks from each bin will be collected by Mr. Garcia and his crew and tallied. At the end of the month, totals will be calculated and the socks delivered to community organizations such as Project Hope,  and Casa Myrna who will further distribute them to their constituencies.