Hot Debate in Ms. Fleck’s 4th Grade

Wednesday was a big day here at the Upper School – in addition to Spirit Day, there was a heated and rousing class debate in Ms. Fleck’s 4th grade! As part of their expedition on the American Revolution, students had a formal debate to answer the question, “are taxes fair?”
However, the information the students used to make their arguments was not based on the standards of modern-day taxes; rather, the students referenced the Sugar Act, the Stamp Act, the Intolerable Act, and the French and Indian War, among other noteworthy Revolution-era events that affected taxes at that time.
Students worked in groups of six to back up their claims, and each student in each group had a chance to speak.
The debate was organized in formal debate order: opening statements, arguments, rebuttals, and closing statements.
Students took pride in their work and received compliments from everyone who came to watch! Ms. Fleck is incredibly proud of the dedication, work, passion, and joy that her students put into this project.