Spirit Wednesdays Kick off with a Bang!

The administrative crew at Conservatory Lab has decided to bring Spirit Wednesdays to our school, and this week the entire school community celebrated the first Spirit Wednesday with undeniable enthusiasm! Spirit Wednesdays will be the first Wednesday of each month, and are a day when each grade wears a specific color to rep their crew.

The winners of the Spirit Day awards are:

Most Creative Crew- Second Grade
Spreading the Crew Spirit Award- 3rd Grade
Most Crew Spirit- 8th Grade
Individual Awards
Most Creative:
Marguerite Greene, Isabella , Aaron, Alivia, Alexia

Check out the photos below to see just how spirited our school was this week! The next Spirit Day will be on January 6 and will have a sports theme.

DSC_2776 image1 (1) image1 (2) IMG_2448 IMG_2914
20151202_082451 20151202_082728IMG_4186