K2 Professionally Records Original Songs

On Wednesday, the K2 crew gathered at Roxbury Community College to record a very special performance of their beloved Crew Qualities songs. These songs were written by Ms. Hennessy for the Crew Qualities book that the K2 class published, which featured their artwork and pictures of them celebrating the crew qualities with their teachers and the 320 staff.
Ms. Hennessy, Ms. Plotkin, and Mr. Cordes have worked hard with the K2 class to memorize the words and movements for each of these five wonderful songs! They performed these songs to great acclaim at our winter concerts, but we wanted to make a special recording of them to go along with the book that the class made. The recording went very well, and we will release the video of the ultra-professional K2 class performing their songs next week! In the meantime, check out these photos from the recording session.