K2 Reflects on Crew Qualities in Songs and Art


This semester, K2 has been exploring our school’s Crew Qualities and what it means to exhibit perseverance, responsibility, empathy, reflection, and cooperation in day-to-day life. Music has been integrated throughout the K2 class’s lessons and discussions about the Crew Qualities. As the finale to this unit, Ms. Hennessy wrote original songs for each of the Crew Qualities, which K2 performed at Friday Finale last week! The class persevered to memorize the lyrics and dance moves for every single one of Ms. Hennessy’s five fabulous songs. It was a Friday Finale where music and academic learning were guided by each other and brought together in true harmony!

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 11.50.47 AM
Watch a video of K2 performing “Perseverance,” and all the other Crew Qualities songs, by clicking here!

The class also cooperated with their teachers to create a small student product for the unit! The K2 students interviewed every teacher and staff member at the Lower School to determine which Crew Qualities each adult exhibited the most. They then drew pictures and wrote about all the teachers and staff’s work and how they demonstrate the Crew Qualities every day. The students’ work can be seen in the booklet titled “We Are Crew!,” which you can find at the Lower School front desk!