Pollinator Pathway & Community Call

On Saturday, September 28th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Conservatory Lab invites its community to our Lower Campus at 133 Hancock Street to add plantings to our inspirational new Pollinator Pathway. Joining us will be landscape designer Joan Yogg, whose imagination and passion created the colorful plantings that will draw pollinators and pupils to our outdoor learning area.

Our students and families got their first look at the new Pollinator Pathway on the first day of school. These stepping stones are the first stage in planned improvements to the outdoor areas at the Lower School. Throughout the year as students walk through our Pollinator Pathway with their teachers and families, they will be able to make real-world observations about the ecosystem of Dorchester.

Students will be able to touch and smell plants as they grow. They will see the bees, butterflies, and bugs as they flit between flowers in the spring and fall. The existing raised bed gardens, providing future tasting opportunities, will be restructured and moved into a sunnier area, where they will continue to provide students with opportunities for an exploration of where our food comes from. The garden will be a wonderful place for students to apply scientific skills such as observation and data collection, bringing their learning alive!

Principal Nicole Mack’s vision is for the outdoor areas of the school to become a place for deep and active learning: some areas have the potential to be quiet, creative places for imaginative work; others could become sites for scientific exploration in the form of outdoor classrooms. This fall the Development team is working to build community partnerships to make Ms. Mack’s vision a reality. Stay tuned here for opportunities to participate in the community planning process. 

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