The Time for Spring Fling! Is Fast Approaching

John Hancock Hall

This year’s annual, parent-sponsored event – Spring Fling!, which is always highly successful –  will take place on Saturday, April 9th, 2016 once again at the beautiful John Hancocock Hall in the Back Bay.  This concert will be like no other! The program will feature selected orchestras which demonstrate the different levels which our student musicians go thru while at this school and then will end on a resounding note with a song including ALL the students in the school.  The momentum is beginning to build, plans are being formulated, repertoire selected, and volunteer parents moving into action.  It is a wonderful community building event for our school every year! Please read the letter belowfrom this year’s event chairs, Ramika Smith and Sandy Yeung.

Dear CLCS Parents,

We are working hard to make Spring Fling! 2016 a success.  As you know, Spring Fling! is a community concert organized by Conservatory Lab parents to showcase our wonderful musicians.  It is a delightful way to bring together the parent community too!   Each year, we are able to donate the proceeds from the concert to support the school.

Again we need your help to make this year’s concert a success!  The concert will be on Saturday, April 9th, at the John Hancock Auditorium in the Back Bay.  We understand that folks have family and work commitments, so we have outlined here many different ways to help.

  1. Get sponsors!  We need sponsors for the program.  Businesses can buy an ad in our program book.  We include here a Parent Donation letter you can give to an employer or local business that may be interested in supporting the Conservatory Lab.  If you need help doing the “ask” or wants to talk to a Coach, let us know.  We are offering CLCS parents who are business owners themselves a discount on ad buy. Please contact Sandy for details.
  1. Ask for business donations!  We are a school of over 400 diverse students from all across Boston.  Would your favorite neighborhood restaurant or business like to support us with gift certificates?  We need parents who can cover the Dorchester and Brighton neighborhoods. If you need help doing the “ask” or wants to talk to a Coach, let us know. Please contact either Ramika or Sandy.
  1. Organize Raffle Baskets!  We still need parents from all classrooms to collect different items for the raffle basket.  Each year we have a raffle for each classroom basket with themes such as A Taste of Home, All Things Crayola, A Day at the Beach, A Night on the Town, etc. Please email Ramika if you are interested.
  1. Volunteer on Concert Day! You can help us make the concert happen.  We need volunteers who will get a backstage, behind the scene look at Spring Fling!  We need parent chaperones, folks to help with student lunches, concessions, ticket sales, etc. Please contact Ramika below if you are interested.

Thank you in advance for all your help and support!  For more information and details, join us at PAC’s website


Ramika Smith (
Sandy Yeung (