Students Bring the Fun at HONK!

The sun was out, the leaves were turning, and everyone was in high spirits. Last Sunday, everything was in place for a fabulous HONK parade, and the citizens of Boston were not disappointed! Among the dozens of marching bands and political activist groups marching in the annual parade, Conservatory Lab joined forces with the Jamaica Plain-based band JP Honk for another year of marching and playing together. DSC_1890
Molly Griffiths, Cashmir Deronette, Arianna Rodrigues, Anthony Vega, Elliot Ure, Calvin Vicente, Angelique Ruiz, Shana Pinnock, Zahndreya Griffin, Christopher Henriquez, and Samantha Marcelino-Heredia marched the entire hour-and-a-half route with JP Honk from Davis Square to Harvard Square, where they were welcomed by throngs of festival-goers. 
The students kept their spirits up and never flagged, despite being tired and playing for so long! Having mastered the songs on their docket, which included “Second Line” and “When the Saints Go Marching In,” the Conservatory Lab musicians found a way to put new life into each song as they performed them all many times.DSC_1984DSC_2052DSC_2174
There was so much joy as our students and JP Honk marched into Harvard Square. Our students’ perseverance to imbue every note they played with enthusiasm and musicality definitely paid off, and made them a hit at the parade. We are so glad to have this opportunity to play in HONK! each year with JP Honk, and are already looking forward to next year. DSC_2237